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Biodale is a consortium of University of Minnesota service centers offering state-of-the-art instrumentation and user-friendly, walk-in service and training. This expert advice and equipment for non-specialist users is available to researchers at the University and beyond.

Center for Diesel Research

The Center for Diesel Research specializes in the physical and chemical characterization of exhaust emissions, evaluation of emission controls, evaluation and demonstration of alternative fuels, certification of on- and off-highway engines, and the evaluation of control technology in the field. The Center has unique capabilities to characterize exhaust aerosols.

Fine Theoretical Physics Institute

The most important function of the William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute is to produce significant, exciting and sound theoretical physics that will have an impact on physics as a whole. To this end the institute provides a meeting place for theorists from around the globe to exchange and develop ideas. FTPI sponsors short-term workshops and longer-term programs, as well as hosting visitors for long-term stays, and serves to advance theoretical physics in its broader context by promoting programs that bridge different fields.

Institute for Engineering in Medicine

The Institute for Engineering in Medicine is a research organization that connects and amplifies research efforts between engineering and health sciences faculty members. It funds interdisciplinary, goal-oriented research to create new medical devices and solve clinical problems. In addition to its research efforts, the IEM promotes collaborative programs with industry and strives to serve the educational needs of the University and the Corporate Biomedical Communities in the area of Engineering in Medicine.

Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

The Materials Research Science and Engineering Center is an interdisciplinary center. Through a combination of NSF, University and industrial support, MRSEC supports research in Engineered Multiblock Polymers, Organic Optoelectronic Interfaces, Magnetic Heterostructures, Nanoparticle-based Materials, and various seed groups. The MRSEC also operates a comprehensive Education and Outreach program.

Stem Cell Institute

The objective of the Stem Cell Institute is to further our understanding of the potential of stem cells to improve human and animal health.

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Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course
August 21-23, 2017

Are you interested in attending? Please see the flier for more information.

International Corporation

New Probe Station
MNC has installed a new probe station generously donated by EverBeing International Corporation headquartered in Taiwan. This new probe station will greatly enhance our capabilities in DC and low frequency electrical characterization, and will be located in Area 3 (1-132) in Keller Hall.

Inside the University of Minnesota's Minnesota Nano Center: Take a look inside the University of Minnesota's Minnesota Nano Center, a state of the art facility dedicated to the design, fabrication and testing of small-scale devices. Video produced by the Office of Business Relations, with assistance from the College of Science & Engineering.

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